Peppy Martin's responses to science questionnaire

Peppy Martin
Democratic Party

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Please describe a policy you support to promote innovation and entrepreneurship in science and technology fields in Kentucky.

Very interested in taking some of our new entertainment dollars from legalized marijuana & casino gambling run by the state to boost our energy production.

By building 2 coal liquification plants in the coal fields we can produce grey hydrogen. Also by tapping into our large pool of natural gas under KY. We can then take our grey hydrogen to the Gulf where we can run generators on floating platforms to pump brine. Goal: green hydrogen at the pump with distribution through the midwest & East coast. As you know, anything that needs energy can run on hydrogen.


What policies would you support to promote science education and encourage students to pursue careers in science and technology fields?
Tag KY State U as the state school teaching & designing hydrogen related products. This school has less specialties than the others & can bring in a lot of new people who want to work on energy.


Kentuckians have disproportionate rates of heart disease, diabetes, and cancer compared to citizens in other states. Please describe one of the steps you would take as governor to improve the health of Kentuckians.
Entertainment dollars = Energy= prosperity. Put more money in Kentuckians' pocket & they will clean themselves up certainly in the areas of obesity & abuse. More money leads to better health.

Drug Abuse

The abuse of opioids continues to threaten the lives and health of people across the state. What steps would you take as governor to prevent drug abuse and help people recover from addiction?
Better education so they don't get involved in the 1st place.

Natural Lands and History

What actions would you take, if any, to preserve natural areas and promote appreciation and understanding of the state’s natural history?
We can start with our parks which are run down & need event promotion of our natural history. This ties in with how I intend to get casino gambling approved: tell the story of these parts when the French traders were here in the 1600s looking for fur & gold. The 4 tribes that hunted here in good weather (Cherokee, Shawnee, Chickasaw, & Yuchi) saw their playing cards printed in Paris & dice & painted their own on parchment or hide. Later, when Boone brought the Irish, Scots, & English, they all had cards printed in London & dice. The entire setting is our natural history & makes a colorful & historic statement about our heritage, which is why we should not give it away to a corporation; it belongs to all of us.

Energy and Environment

Please briefly describe at least one aspect of energy and environment on which your administration would focus.

Hydrogen. The 2 coal liquification plants in Harlan/Perry Co. & in Martin will burn coal cleaner. There is a plant in Rockport, IN but that is too far away for us since the Ohio River veers into West VA beyond Catlettsburg & is of no service for our coal fields.

Looking for KY physicists who can assist in design & application of such as well as of the program described. I know an Englishman who can consult, as well as a broker of jet fuel who stands by to help us in distribution.


Cyberattacks are constantly evolving to pose new threats to personal privacy, health information, government data, utility systems, and homeland security. Do you propose any actions to strengthen cybersecurity in Kentucky? Please explain.
 Better education of users

STEM Teachers

Schools face challenges in retaining and attracting science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) teachers. How can Kentucky support current STEM teachers and attract new ones?
With the energy program described earlier at KSU, we will have a goal for students in high school to achieve. Exposure to the programs in higher ed. should be contagious to the lower grades

Science Policy

Science policies touch upon health, technology, education, the environment, the economy and many other topics. Is there a science policy issue in Kentucky that you think deserves more attention than it receives?

It all ties together in the program I have laid out above. New energy production is a whole new program built on assets we already have.