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Dr. Shannon Galbraith-Kent Appointed to Kentucky Heritage Land Conservation Fund (KHLCF) Board

Crestview Hills, KY – The Governor’s Office has appointed Dr. Shannon Galbraith-Kent as the Kentucky Academy of Science’s representative to the state board overseeing the Kentucky State Nature Preserves and Heritage Land Conservation Fund. Galbraith-Kent is Professor and Chairperson of Biological Sciences at Thomas More University and will serve on the board for a four-year term.
Dr. Galbraith-Kent brings expertise to the board in native and invasive plants and ecological research. She holds a PhD in Ecology & Evolution from Rutgers University and studied at EKU under Dr. Bill Martin, a founding member of the Heritage Land Conservation Fund in 1994.
The Kentucky Heritage Land Conservation Fund purchases land from willing sellers for protection as nature preserves, environmental education areas, wildlife areas or for other conservation purposes. The fund focuses on areas for migratory birds, rare and endangered species, critical ecosystem functions, and outdoor recreation and education.
Funding for conservation purchases comes from Kentucky Nature license plates, environmental fines, and unmined mineral taxes. A map of sites, including some open to the public, is at