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Nominate someone with a COVID-19 Scientific Success story

The AAAS Golden Goose Award will be doing something different in 2020: we are collecting COVID-19 scientific success stories. And we need your help. Please nominate an individual or team for the 2020 Golden Goose COVID-19 Recognition by May 22.
We’re seeking stories about:
Projects that have resulted in significant scientific and/or technological understanding and/or impacts for which there is evidence detailing how this occurred and how this has been deployed in the field to further advance our understanding of issues relating to COVID-19;
Projects that have contributed to the treatment and/or response to COVID-19 and have clear and demonstrable evidence of societal impacts that might have been unforeseen prior to the current crisis (i.e. at the time the original research was conducted);
Fundamental research projects that may have appeared unusual or obscure, which sounded “funny,” or for which a societal application was not clear at their outset but has since pivoted to help address and advance our understanding and knowledge of and/or response to COVID-19; and/or
Research discoveries that were serendipitous in nature or for which the application to COVID-19 could not have been predicted as a result of observations or research that initially focused in an entirely different direction or research areas at the time it was initiated and funded. This may include examples of unexpected partnerships which have resulted in effective responses to addressing COVID-19.
Visit our website ( for the full eligibility requirements and nomination procedures. For best consideration, please submit by May 22, and email with any questions.