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What is the Ky Society of Natural History?

 Fellow Biologists and Natural History Enthusiasts,
Consider joining the  Kentucky Society of Natural History!

Why join?
Our dues support student research grants in Kentucky
Student members or students of members qualify to apply for research grants
e-Newsletters and announcement of events, grants, and other opportunities
annual meeting and group hikes and other outings

Membership is only $15 for individuals, $7.50 for students, $25 for families
You can join via paper form or online. The KSNH includes all of the field sciences of natural history— geography, geology, biology, environmental chemistry, and others, so please share with your colleagues!
More background: The Society recently went through a transition period and reconstituted our Board of Directors. I would like to welcome and thank our other new officers for being willing to serve and to rejuvenate our society: Billy Bennett (Vice-President), Emily Sedgwick (Secretary), Mary Alice Bidwell (acting Treasurer), Luke Dodd (webmaster), and Berl Meyer (e-newsletter Editor). I would also like to offer a special thank you to Berl for his persistence in preserving this very important society that has been around for over 75 years!
Our primary mission is to promote natural history by encouraging scientific inquiry, supporting the next generation of naturalists and scientists, disseminating research within scientific and public venues, and promoting conservation and preservation of nature by offering public lectures, hikes, and other opportunities to interact with our living and non-living environment. As impacts by humans to our natural landscapes continue to grow, so does the importance of all aspects of our mission.
Over the next months, we plan to send out a survey to learn about what you would like from the society, along with opportunities for you to get involved if you so choose. We then plan to modify programs, meetings, and other offerings to better meet the needs of our members. In the past, full member meetings and nature hikes were offered fairly regularly, and we plan to continue having these. Another major focus of the society has been the support of natural history research through student research grants, which enhance our understanding of Kentucky natural history while training and recruiting students. These are made possible through membership dues and donations, so please continue to maintain your membership and consider donating to the cause.
Stay active and do you part to promote natural history! I encourage all of you to join and to recruit others to our society so that our impact will grow. Please know that while you are doing your part, no matter how small you think it is, others are doing theirs. Together we can accomplish much!
Questions? Please contact
Stephen Richter
President, Kentucky Society of Natural History
Director, Division of Natural Areas
Professor of Biology
Eastern Kentucky University