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Innovation Imperative

In 2017, the Innovation Imperative effort brought together U.S. industry, higher education, science, and engineering organizations in urging Congress to enact policies and make investments to help ensure the United States remains the global innovation leader.  The Innovation Imperative garnered the signature of several industry leaders and the endorsement of more than 500 businesses, organizations, and universities, including yours.
The Innovation: An American Imperative statement provides seven areas of focus for congressional action:
  • Renewing the federal commitment to scientific discovery by ending sequestration level spending caps and providing steady and sustained funding growth;
  • Permanently strengthening the R&D tax credit;
  • Reforming visa policies;
  • Improving STEM education;
  • Streamlining or eliminating costly and inefficient regulations;
  • Reaffirming merit-based peer review; and
  • Stimulating improvements in advanced manufacturing.
Though we are pleased there has been some progress on a few issues since the call to action came out in June 2015, there is still plenty of work to do. This progress report provides the latest status for each of the focus areas. Please help us draw attention to these important policy needs by promoting the Innovation Imperative progress report (including the parts that still require congressional action) to your network, members, neighbors, and others. 
Read the Progress Report

You can contact members of Congress about these initiatives- find sample social media posts, shareable graphics, and A list of key Members of Congress and their Twitter handles on KAS' Advocacy Page  You, of course, can create your own posts as well.  We encourage you to post a series of messages on social media until June 23rd using #InnovationImperative. 

Read Innovation: An American Imperative and learn more about the initiative at